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Premium 420 Blue Light Lens Benefits

UV 400 Protection
UV 400 Protection
High Energy Visible Light 420 Protection
Anti-Glare High Energy Visible Light 420nm
Smooth, Easy-Clean surface
Smooth, Easy-Clean Surface
Super Hydrophobic Water Resistance
Super Hydrophobic - Water Resistance
Anti Dust
Anti Dust / Dust-repellent
Scratch Resistance
Scratch Resistance
Difference between basic and UV 420 blue light lenses


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Digital devices that emit blue light - SaferOptics

SaferOptics protect the eyes from blue ray light exposure that is emitted in significant amounts from display screens of various modern technology gadgets such as computer, laptops, tablets, and mobile smartphones.

SaferOptics UV 420 lenses block harmful High Energy Blue Light between wavelengths of 380 to 445nm - not only reduces light scattering and increase contrast, but also increases comfort and reduces digital eye strain.

Too much blue light at night disrupts kids' sleep-wake cycle, causing difficulty to sleep and daytime fatigue. SaferOptics blue light protection promotes healthier and better quality sleep in children.

SaferOptics Eyewear Official Certifications

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